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My name is Jon Chiappetta and I am a Seneca@York college graduate with a bachelors degree in “Informatics and Security”!

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Career Summary:

I used to work at Seneca’s CDoT, which allowed me to maintain a build farm of 50+ ARM-based machines so that they can build the necessary packages that make up the Fedora Linux Operating System.

I then worked as a System Administrator for Afilias (Managed DNS for .org/.info) along with a mix of DevOps work for internal company services such as user management scripts and automation. This was my first step into the corporate world!

After a little a while I transitioned to Google California and did some work as a Technical Solutions Engineer which helped to troubleshoot, debug, and fix small bugs for our largest enterprise customers for Google Calendar, Drive, and Billing.

After a couple of years at Google I wanted to come back home to Canada and took an opportunity to work at a smaller bank (NBC) with a small DevOps engineering team. I helped to write a number of Bash shell scripts and manage the Java services we ran for the financial traders. I was working my way up to contributing small Java fixes in our frameworks too.

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this page but in the midst of all the crazyness going on in the world, I’ve since done a ton of great work for an amazing small tech company called TunnelBear where I worked as a DevOps Engineer and helped to maintain, update, and secure all of the VPN servers run all over the world for global users to make secure use of. Very good Canadian company to work for!

And after a couple of years I had switched to working at Scotiabank as an SRE/Cloud Engineer to help them with their internal public cloud offerings which is very important for a modernized bank to have!

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GitHub (continuation)

Fedora Wiki

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Johnny,

    I had a question about your twitter account. Shoot me an email when you get a chance. Thanks

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